Watch this video and more on Kartemquin Films

Watch this video and more on Kartemquin Films


Parents and Thumbs Down – 20m

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  • The story of Kartemquin's first camera

    Kartemquin co-founder and artistic director Gordon Quinn describes the history, technology and practice behind "Camera #1" - the very first Kartemquin camera. Used to film documentaries from our early years such as Home for Life, Inquiring Nuns, and Marco, the camera is unique due to its custom-m...

  • Parents / Thumbs Down trailer

    Originally made to support the DVD release of The Kartemquin Films Collection: The Early Years - Volume 1, 1967-1968.

    THUMBS DOWN (1968) 102 minutes
    In this cinema-verite documentary, a teenage youth group called Thumbs Down, decides "to bring Christ to their neighborhood" by holding an anti-...