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  • Hard Earned Episode 3

    A surprise on the housing front leads Jose to think about his future with Elizabeth in a new light. Hilton and Diana prepare for the birth of twins, while Hilton works hard for a promotion at work. Emilia pounds the pavement for a better-paying job. DJ fears recrimination at work for his union ac...

  • Hard Earned Episode 4

    Percy and Beverly face their fading dreams of retirement before gathering their family together for a holiday meal. Emilia tries to keep up Christmas traditions in the midst of her deepening financial crisis. Hilton takes unpaid time off from his cafeteria job at Google to accompany Diana to doct...

  • Hard Earned Episode 5

    DJ steps up his union activity, Jose and Elizabeth put everything on the line to improve their living situation and Emilia gets an unexpected call about a job opportunity. Percy gets a $1.50/hour raise at a new custodial position and Takita prepares for a celebration at church.

  • Hard Earned Episode 6

    Diana overcomes her fears to forge a new path in the U.S. Percy worries about Beverly’s declining health. Takita struggles with abdominal pain and DJ attempts to reconcile with his father. Emilia gets ready to tell her story in front of a group of high school kids.

  • The School Project - Ep. 1: Worst in the Nation?

  • The School Project - Ep. 3: Restoring Justice

  • The School Project - Ep. 2: Closed

  • The School Project - Ep. 4: Testing Season

  • The School Project - Ep. 5: UnCharted Territory

  • The School Project - Ep. 6: TEACHING

  • The Homestretch

  • On Beauty

  • The Trials of Muhammad Ali

  • As Goes Janesville

  • The Interrupters

  • No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson

    On February 13, 1993, 17-year-old Bethel High School basketball star Allen Iverson entered a Hampton, Virginia bowling alley with several classmates. It was supposed to be an ordinary evening, but it became a night that defined Iverson's young life: a quarrel soon erupted into a brawl pitting Ive...

  • Vietnam Long Time Coming

    In 1998, World T.E.A.M. (The Exceptional Athlete Matters) Sports organized a 16-day, 1100 mile bicycle expedition through once war-torn Northern and Southern Vietnam, drawing an array of veterans from the U.S. and Vietnam, as well as celebrity riders like Greg La Monde and Senator John Kerry.

  • Prisoner of Her Past

  • Hoop Dreams

    First exhibited at the 1994 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the audience award for best documentary, Kartemquin's Hoop Dreams is the remarkable true story of two American dreamers; an intimate reflection of contemporary American inner-city culture, following two ordinary young men on the cou...

  • Typeface

    In rural Wisconsin, a lone employee waits in a cavernous old museum for visitors to come. A few individuals straggle in every few days and then, come Friday, the museum fills with life. Machines hum, presses print, artists buzz about. One weekend each month, the quiet of Two Rivers is interrupted...

  • Taylor Chain II

    In 1981 through 1982, the Kartemquin filmmakers returned to the Taylor Chain plant to show labor and management working together against the odds, trying to save the plant from becoming the latest victim of anti-union legislation and the globalization of cheap, exploitable labor.

  • Milking the Rhino

  • Taylor Chain I

    The gritty realities of a seven-week strike at a small Indiana chain factory during 1973-74.